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Long Overdue Updates! 

Excited that two projects are nearing completion!  Anouman, a co-led gypsy jazz(ish) ensemble, will be releasing our EP as soon as mid-September.  My own group, Orkestra Eustoria, will be releasing its debut album "Hypergiant Hi-Fi" this fall with a tentative release date of Nov 16th.  More updates and social media inundations coming soon. 

Anouman full length concert video now available----> 

Pumped that after months of work Anouman's full length video from our in-studio  concert is now available at  Koran, Eduardo, Josh and I had a great time recording this music and rather than record a full studio album as our official band debut,we chose to take this slightly unconventional and visual route.  I hope you enjoy!  Please stay tuned as we are booking festivals and concerts in the fall and 2017 and will be posting the full schedule soon.

Album Release and Site Overhaul 

  It took a team of at least four adults, some dedicated  procrastination and an unshakeable deadline but the website overhaul is finally completed. Take a look around..!  and check it out.

But, the website being finished, I am much more pumped to announce my debut album "The Straphanger's Playlist"  is finally out (available on iTunes, Amazon and the rest of them)!  It features music I wrote over the past year, with some tunes taking the entire year to come together and others roughly 45 minutes.  In the best traditions of eclecticism I wanted to vary the sound and vibe on each of the tracks so, while the sextet is the core of the album, I also used a string section, percussionist, and myself overdubbed on the saxophone family to add some timbral variation to the project.

 The musicians I was lucky enough to get together for this album, without question, made the magic happen.  With the right people the thousand little details of making an album come together in one coherent whole and I believe that's what happened here   Mulit-talented instrumental badasses Panagitois Andreou, Jay Jennings, Isamu Macgregor, Aki ishiguro and Mauricio Zottarelli brought the fuego to the recording sessions and crushed it so hard that at least two of the tracks are first takes, zero edits.  Scaaaary.  Do yourself a favor and check these guys out!  Not just on this album but with all the other great bands that they currently perform with: Now vs Now , New York Gypsy All-Stars, Tortured Soul, Snarky Puppy and many many others.

  And one last note.  It's 2015 and CDs are a physical medium of the past. Still, a new standardized physical music delivery system has not surfaced to effectively compete with the geriatric CD.  In the age of ubiquitous streaming, necessity as the mother of invention has not  dictated the need for a new physical medium.  Still, people see music as much as they hear it, and after spending so much time tweaking the songs, mixes and every other aspect of the recording process, it seemed anti-climactic to just toss all of that work onto a CD and call it a day.  So I decided to try something a little different and put all the music onto a flash drive, demo here--> 

 Slightly unorthodox but still almost impossible on my end to register with all of the current infrastructure that is geared almost exclusively to recognizing CDs and vinyl as the only physical music delivery systems?  Why yes, it is all of those.  But at least it looks pretty goddam cool.  It only makes sense in this age of 24/7 DIY to make the physical album as individual as the music it holds, so no time like the present to try it out.  Hope you like it.   This physical copy is available in the store section on the website.

  Thanks for stopping through, and check back soon as I'll be posting gig updates, new music and the whole deal on here.  till next time, ci vediamo

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