Available on all streaming services Febrauary 15th.  An EP recorded pre-pandemic and finished mid-pandemic.  Another EP hopefully post-pandemic.


Orkestra Eustoria "HyperGiant Hi-Fi"

Anouman "La Storia"

"Quite often in jazz, the original compositions are the weak link, but not here.  Catchy, bright, and edgy themes make for fusion that's both loose and complex, with Sparacino's sax prominent- a very satisfying mix in every way, and a refreshing configuation of an enduring genre." -The Wire UK 

" It's weird to state that these musicians are simultaneously loose and yet contained, but there is a complicated structure that lurks just beneath the surface, a scaffold that affords each member to explore and wander while paying attention to those challenging time signatures. It sounds like a tough listen, akin to free jazz, but it's not. This is the kind of jazz that Weather Report used to accomplish more than thirty years ago, swinging, wild stuff that does have a firm foundation in jazz traditions--even when producer David Binney adds a steady diet of synthesizer throughout these 11 originals." -The Vinyl Anachronist

 "Great recordings, wonderfully tasteful solos, a tight and punchy rhythm section, creative compositions and arrangements"- Guitar Ramble

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